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Dynamics GP Excel Paste

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Business accounting practices have come a long way, thanks to technology. So have spreadsheets, the stalwart finance-tracking and analysis tool of the modern era, normally accounting profession is linked to the Microsoft Excel due to the flexibility introduced and the application usability.

We at Dynamics Innovations always thinks smarter, we looks for what makes users life easier and introduce that to our beloved customers! Users were suffering from the huge number of records that need to be "typed" in Dynamics GP and they been feeling bored from typing a journal with 100 lines with the same account number and different figures, we saw that Microsoft Excel is introducing a flexibility that could not be compared to anything and could not be followed.
Moving ahead from this point, DI has started the development of the “Excel Paste” utility, which is a data integration tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP adding flexibility for users to ease the process of data entry and simplify the Dynamics GP interfaces by enhancing the integration with Microsoft Office. The goal of this tool is to introduce a new method of data integration for end users seeking to add a new level of data entry usability to MS Dynamics GP.

The utility simply allows you to copy from Excel and Paste directly into "any screen" of Dynamics GP, take a look into the product videos below for details.
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