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We take satisfaction in serving customers of different market sectors, sizes and needs really serious. What’s more, we pride ourselves that our references are a seamless list of satisfied and happy customers that we have successfully helped realize their business goals, and they became able to place themselves one step ahead in innovation.

With our exceptional innovation team of business and technical experience extending from the year 1998, we deliver value and promise to your business needs. Our technical team are Microsoft certified on different levels, and we take pride in having Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals amongst our team. Our business team has an experience that comes a long way in project, operations and quality management and are certified from top ranked educational institutes.

DI team is dedicated to excellence in fulfilling the whole cycle of launching your Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management solutions, because your business is our insight, and your success is our innovation.


Dynamics Innovations (DI) is a business solutions specialist provider that has been serving locally and regionally since 2007. Since then, DI established a prominent top-tier position among its peers. With our unmatched technical expertise along with our business needs insight; we have strongly placed DI in top ranks.

At DI, we serve different market sectors and fulfill different business needs. Whether it is a retail, governmental, industrial, investment or trading organization; we at DI understand your specific needs and help you manage and innovate your business as we are committed to delivering value as a Microsoft Gold Partner.

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