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Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Customer relationship management (CRM) can help reduce costs and increase profitability by organizing and automating business processes that nurture customer satisfaction and loyalty.

CRM delivers a holistic view of each customer that enables client-facing employees to make expedited and educated decisions about strategic efforts in the sales, marketing, and customer service fields 

Sales CRM

You strive to outsmart and outpace your competition, so you understand how important it is to equip your people with the right customer relationship management (CRM) tools to win. Get the sales tools that help make the internal processes simpler and easier so your sales force can focus on what is important—creating a differentiated experience for your customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps sales teams become prepared and insightful, collaborative and connected, quick and mobile, and highly productive.

Marketing with CRM

Unleash your team's marketing potential with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and MarketingPilot, delivering enterprise marketing automation and multichannel campaign management.

Get the power of productivity along with the convenience of cloud computing.

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