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Dynamics GP Data Level Security

Data Level Security

Data Level Security is a data protection tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP adding protection for unauthorized disclosure and data modifications. The goal of this tool is to introduce a new method of data security for IT professionals seeking to add a new level of security to MS Dynamics GP.

The add-on is basically works on creating new Dynamic lookup that replaces traditional Dynamics GP lookups, the same lookup is used for all kind of data inside Dynamics GP and the rows are filter dynamically at runtime based on user privileges which to be setup by creating a specific view for each user/role per each business entity and the system will display only data from the linked view.

The data load were enhanced to load data into .Net data grid that pulls rows from database directly into the user interface, 250,000 records were pulled within less than 7 seconds for sure this highly depends on your query and how did you write the syntax, in addition to the lookup functionality we have developed a routine that validates user inputs inside GP texts and will make sure that the user selected data is a part of the user query.

The utility simply allows you to define roles for your users so each user can has its own items, customers, vendors, and transactions.

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